Security is a huge concern today, and there are many ways to improve security at your office building or facility. One way to improve security is to install turnstile secured entry points at the entrances of your building or facility. Aside from improved security, there are many benefits of turnstile secured entry points. In order to enter or exit through a turnstile, a person must first present a valid credential. Unlike traditional doors, turnstiles limit the number of people who can enter or exit a building on each presented credential and control their direction of passage.

Another benefit of turnstile secured entry points is its ease of integration with your buildings access control systems, which can provide you with useful information. The access control system allows turnstiles to work in conjunction with doors, cameras, and other security equipment you may already have installed in your building. This will ensure that only specific cleared individuals are using the entry, and it can provide information such as the specific identity, time, and location of each person who entered and exited the facility.
Lastly, turnstiles provide operational flexibility by streamlining the entry process. Turnstiles can accommodate a wide variety of credential readers, allowing facilities to choose the type of media to authorize entry that works best for their building. Turnstiles can operate in a single direction or bi-directionally, allowing flexibility of design at entry and exit points. Additionally, management can schedule modes to activate at certain times of the day that meet specific operational requirements for each business. This also allows building management to set turnstiles to lock-down mode at nights and on the weekends when the building is closed.
If you are looking to improve the security and flexibility of entry and exit points at your facility or office building, turnstiles can help you improve these areas.
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