Camera System Service and Repair

Security cameras are everywhere these days. In spite of that, we see still clients procrastinate about their installation or repair. Here are just a few reasons why they are so important:

  • Deter crime
  • Monitor scenarios and activities in around your facility
  • Gather evidence
  • Arrive at the right decision after an incident
  • Maintain records
  • Weather conditions around your facility

Parking Lots, Construction Sites, and Roadways

Getting camera coverage you need requires that some cameras be placed in difficult to reach places. From installation to service Avant-Garde Systems has the right equipment and trained staff to get to your cameras on the ground or in the air.

  • Parking Lot & Parking Garage Cameras
  • Temporary Construction Cameras
  • City Parks and Other Publics Spaces
  • Streets, Highways, and Bridges
  • Railways
  • Utility Infrastructure
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