Avant-Garde Systems is a proven security system provider. We bring the reliable service and personal attention that sets us apart and that you expect. From small security systems to enterprise level installations with even the most complex needs.

Our experiences staff helps you address your security concerns with the customized and creative solutions we’re named for. In addition, we can work with most existing systems from any major manufacturer.

Our central station receives information as soon as your alarm is triggered. Operators then notify the authorities with all the information about your business to get the response you want.

Avant-Garde Systems advances the safety and security of commercial and industrial enterprises

Avant-Garde Systems has expertise and long-term experience in improving and ensuring commercial and industrial workplace safety, as well as preventing business interruption and financial loss due to fire safety and security concerns.

Our commercial customers include residential and property developers, financial institutions and food service businesses, among other enterprises.

We are passionately committed to helping our customers achieve their commercial and industrial safety and security goals so that they may maintain and improve business productivity.

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