As a team we challenge ourselves to deliver value by providing expert design, engineering and installation to our clients. Years of industry resources and experience, has made Avant-Garde a national leader in security and turnstile integration.

Chief Executive Officer – Eric Mager
Eric has always been an entrepreneur. He spent his early career in the luxury audio and video integration business. Looking for growth opportunities he decided to enter the security integration business and he opened Avant-Garde Systems. Eric has led Avant-Garde through its rapid growth since it’s expansion to create the Avant-Garde Turnstiles division. He has propelled the company to its status as a consistent industry leader and it’s unique place in the security market. Under his leadership, Avant-Garde has become widely known for being the industry’s best turnstile provider backed by unmatched customer service and support. Quality is his trademark. Eric believes that if you want to preserve your reputation – because that’s all you have – you need to put in the time and effort. Eric leads the design, engineering and installation teams.

Chief Financial Officer – Megan Mager
Megan began her professional career by co-founding Avant-Garde Systems. During her tenure, she has orchestrated the company’s major expansion into the turnstile business. Finding immediate success Megan’s financial and entrepreneurial background continues to contribute to the success of Avant-Garde. Today, Megan spearheads all financial aspects of the company: strategic direction, financial planning and analysis, customer success, logistics and accounting and controls.

Board of Directors – Kim Mager
Kim grew up in the construction and equipment industry. From work in the field to sales and business development Kim has been implementing his solution-based selling methodology for more than 40 years. His style of leadership has inspired his colleagues to rally around his vision of being the customer service leader in the industry. Kim’s professional legacy is at the core of the DNA Avant-Garde is made of. These values of hard work and excellence in customer service, integrity, teamwork and innovation Kim instilled in the company continues to consistently attract and retain top-notch talent and exceeds the expectations of a discerning customer base.

Senior Project Manager – Todd Young
Todd joined Avant-Garde in 2016, and has help fuel the company’s continual growth with his performance and leadership. His extensive background in the industrial and commercial electrical industry brings added value to our clients when deploying security solutions. His industry knowledge from design to products helps Avant-Garde retain the industry leadership position it has worked hard to create.

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