Turnstiles are a great way to provide security and safety to an office building or business. However, the equipment that makes up these turnstiles can become damaged very quickly from every day wear and tear. One way to improve your building security is to install turnstile shelters.
Turnstile shelters, first and foremost, protect security turnstiles from inclement weather. Not online does this prevent there from being damage to key-card readers and other sensitive access control equipment, but it can also increase the lifespan of the turnstile. Additionally, turnstile shelters will protect employees arriving to work and security personnel from inclement weather.
Lastly, turnstile shelters will also prevent trespassers from climbing over the turnstiles and gaining unauthorized access to the grounds or building. This is especially needed in government or factory buildings where security needs to be extremely strict.
Most turnstile shelters can be installed fairly easily and can even provide light, if desired. We can even deliver pre-built shelters to your site, making the installation process even easier. Additionally there are many options that you can choose from when selecting your turnstile shelter, making it fit any business style. We have options with heights, colors, built-in guard offices, and more.
To improve the security at an office building, factory, or any other location, and provide shelter from inclement weather, turnstile shelters are a necessity. If you’re looking to improve security at your business contact us today for more information.
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